Skyrim SE

Librum VR

Skyrim. Reimagined.

You’re lost in the woods, having narrowly escaped after scaring off a pack of wolves with your travel lantern. Your lantern’s oil finally runs dry, and it’s getting cold. You can conjure basic food and shelter, but your spells all seem to fizzle out in this weather. You need to gather wood in order to sustain a fire and survive the night. With little time to spare, you can’t search far for materials — luckily, you’ve fashioned a basic hatchet the night before, and you can chop down a nearby tree for lumber. After many failed attempts, you sustain a weak flame spell long enough to light your campfire. You fall asleep next to your fire, having prayed to Kynareth to fend off would-be predators. Despite a few interruptions in the night, the morning comes at last, and the sun finally breaks over the horizon.

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